Sign Up for Blue Access for MembersSM (BAM)

What You'll Need to Register

Before you start your registration, be sure you have this information handy:

  • A valid email address — This will be used to confirm your registration.
  • Your home zip code — This zip code must match the mailing address information you gave us when you enrolled in your plan. If you recently updated your information with us, please enter the most current information.
  • Your Identification (ID) number — This is a series of numbers that can be found on your ID card and your welcome letter. These numbers may follow letters and/or precede a dash (-) followed by additional numbers.
    In this example, the ID number is inside the brackets: ABC[0123456789]-1
  • Your group number — This number can be found on your member ID card and corresponds with the type of plan you purchased.
What You'll Need to Register
What You'll Need to Register