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BlueCare Dental FreedomSM

The BlueCare Dental Freedom product provides lower out-of-pocket costs when the member chooses a dentist in the BlueCare DentalSM network. Members may also choose to access a DentaBlueSM dentist and receive benefits based on the BCBSTX DentaBlue allowable amount. In addition, members are not responsible for charges over the allowable amount for covered services - just deductible, coinsurance amounts, and limited or non-covered services.

BlueCare Dental or DentaBlue DentistNon-Network / Non-Contracting Dentist
  • Out-of-pocket costs generally will be the least amount with BlueCare dentists who have contracted to accept a lower allowable amount as payment in full for eligible dental expenses.
  • Out-of-pocket costs may be greater when the member receives care from a DentaBlue dentist as they have contracted at a higher allowable amount.
  • Out-of-pocket costs may be greater because non-contracting dentists have not entered into an agreement to accept any allowable amount determination as payment in full for eligible dental expenses.
  • BlueCare and DentaBlue dentists will file the member’s claim forms.
  • Members are required to file their own claim forms.
  • BlueCare and DentaBlue dentists will not bill the member for costs exceeding the BCBSTX allowable amount for covered services.
  • Members are balance billed for costs exceeding the allowable amount

BlueCare Dental Freedom provides members the option to receive care from dentists not in the network, and still receive benefits.

In addition, members have access to the BlueCare Dental ConnectionSM program.  This program integrates dental care management and health care management with a focus on preventive care and individual involvement.  This program provides members with education and intervention through support tools and educational mailings.  For more information, access the Dental Wellness Center

You may choose to provide a Dual Option Dental plan offering.  This allows a choice between two BlueCare Dental Freedom plans. For groups with 51 to 150 employees, available dual option pairings can be found in the link below.

For more detailed information on the plan designs available, covered benefits, services and supplies that are limited or excluded, general administration of the plan, or any other questions you may have regarding our products and services, please contact us for the phone number of the regional sales office near you.

BlueCare Dental Freedom Plans 

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