Blue Access for Employers

New Enhancement to Blue Access for Employers Auto Payments for Premium Bills

Periodically, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) adds new features to Blue Access for Employers, to improve our customers' online experience and to address evolving regulatory and other requirements.

Premium Billed Customers

Your payments are submitted two business days prior to your bill’s due date. We will submit payment for the amount due on your most recent bill, plus or minus any changes due to payments or payment adjustments received. These payments and changes are shown on the Changes Since Last Bill option. Any membership adjustments (enrollments, cancellations, product changes, etc.) will not be reflected in your auto draft. Any changes entered after your last bill will appear on your next billing statement.

Auto Payments will include Billed Charges only and the Billed Charges will be the amount listed on the most recent invoice.